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The advantages of working with Encircle

Work Easier.

A simple engaging user experience that works the way you do.

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Do more from anywhere with productivity tools that simplify your processes.

Work Smarter.

Visible, accurate and quality reporting at the press of a button.

Work Together.

Real time collaboration enhances visibility, transparency and provides access for all.

Solutions for every need

Encircle for Insurance
With powerful features that are easy to use and collaboration tools that make everything easy to see and share, Encircle is the essential tool for helping insurance carriers to improve productivity and transparency across the entire insurance ecosystem and accelerate their business.
Encircle for Restoration Contractors
With tools that make information in the field easy to capture, see and share and a powerful engine that delivers smart reports, Encircle is the essential solution for helping restoration contractors to reduce their liabilities and to grow their business.
We need to be faster and more efficient to win more business which is why we were one of the first to adopt Encircle.
Chuck StewartLead Estimator, Golden Triangle Restoration
Encircle for Policyholders
Taking an inventory of items in your home can be daunting and time consuming. Encircle changes that by providing easy to use, powerful tools leveraging photos and videos so documenting your items becomes painless.

Encircle shows real and powerful impacts

Work Easier

65% Reduction in administration

Work Smarter

160% Increase in reporting accuracy

Work Faster

250% Increase in efficiency

Work Together

1200% Productivity gain working together in real time

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