Transform interactions with policyholders.

Encircle is a real-time documentation and collaboration platform for the Property/Casualty insurance industry. It’s the only solution that empowers policyholders and claims professionals, and works across all lines of business.

Connect your ecosystem.

Encircle seamlessly syncs between mobile devices and the web, providing one system for everyone in the underwriting and claims process. From underwriting inspection, to FNOL, and loss recovery – Encircle eliminates manual, disconnected processes.

Simple and easy to use.

  • Document properties with photos
  • Requires little to no training
  • Any mobile device – Android, BlackBerry 10, iPhone, iPad
  • No pen and paper, dictaphones, or digital cameras

Save time and money.

  • One tool, one set of data, intuitive system
  • Avoid double entries and tracking down contractors
  • Automated report creation
  • Platform unites policyholder, inspector, claims handler, adjuster, and contractor

Scalable and secure.

  • Visibility and control
  • No integration, keep current infrastructure
  • Reduce soft fraud and costly on-site inspections
  • Policyholders can self-document

Reduce demand on resources, time and costs.