One Tool that gives you the confidence to know you're covered.

Build a complete, accurate inventory of your property – instantly and easily.

Peace of mind at your fingertips.

Build security by knowing the value of your property. With Encircle, conveniently inventory items room-by-room, ensuring you have the right coverage and necessary information if you ever need to file an insurance claim.

It's as simple as taking a photo.

Taking an inventory of items in your home or for your business can be daunting and time consuming. Encircle changes that. Simply take photos with your mobile device, and documenting your items becomes painless.

Document It

  • Document properties with photos
  • No need to scan receipts or type out model/serial numbers
  • Document multiple items with long press and tap features
  • Checklist feature provides step-by-step instructions

Access It

  • Any mobile device – Android, BlackBerry 10, iPhone, iPad
  • Store copies of important documents like passport, wills, and contracts
  • Export to Excel and PDF making inventory lists immediately available for insurance providers

Protect It

  • Know you’re covered and prepared. Expedite claims processing.
  • Take control by self-documenting your contents
  • Inventory items for insurance claims, financial planning, tenant damage claims and recovering stolen property

One hour and a mobile device. It's that easy.

With a photo-based interface, you can effortlessly inventory thousands of items in a matter of minutes. With user-friendly functions like touch, tap, taking a photo, voice-to-text, and stylus – adding information is intuitive and easy.